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ATMLXDJ69-10B automatic bar material dispensing cartridges assembly machine is for the water purification industry bar material dispensing filter production process and research and development of new equipment.

Equipment advantages:

1. Automatic upper and lower end cover, carbon rods, seals on the material, no material automatic alarm

2. Fully assembled production, saving more manpower

3. Automatic dispensing, temperature, glue, holding pressure time, pressure automatic control, stable and reliable

4. Assembly quality, good vertical, consistent size

5. Touch screen intelligent control, easy to use


Device parameter

Host size (L * W * H)
Use air pressure / gas consumption0.4-0.6 MPA / 0.1 m3 / min (dry gas, 10 trachea)

Machine weight

Machine power supplyAC 220V single phase
Use power


Conventional material sizeUp and down cover diameter 69, sealing ring diameter 20.3 × 2.75
Filter typeCarbon rods, PP cotton rods and other bar (10-inch filter)
Dispensing type

Hot melt adhesive

Dispensing speed6-8 seconds / month
Machine capacity450-600 pcs / hour